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Havasazan Tabriz

“In 1996, Havasazan Tabriz Co.” started its official activity with the management of the veterans of the compressed air industry of the country, and by employing specialized and experienced personnel and using advanced and modern technologies in design, construction, installation, commissioning and timely after-sales services, has been able to Providing the desired quality in its products, play an effective role in advancing the goals of the country’s industries.

Selected projects

Centrifugal compressor

HavasazanTabriz Company is the exclusive representative company

SeAH South Korea and alkin from Turkey.



■. Supply of oil-free compressed air

■. Long-term repair period (first service after about 8000 hours)

■. Lower equipment cost than similar screw model

■. Low maintenance costs

■. Ideal for industries that require a constant amount of high volume air.

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Many countries that are familiar with our brand prefer to work with us because of the good quality and economy of the products.

این وب سایت از کوکی ها برای بهبود تجربه وب شما استفاده می کند.