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Turbo Blower

Blowers are industrial machines which are applying to manufacture high flow air volume with minimum 2 bars pressure for industrial usages.There are different kinds of Blower which are categorized regarding air flow and pressure.These days Turbo Blowers, as new generation of Blowers, which are highly noticed by industries as water and drain refineries, food industries, petrochemical and 

In Turbo blowers as Turbo compressors the main part is Impeller which benefits of high technology.The main motive of Blower motor is permanent magnetic motor. The efficiency of these motors in high speed is more than other custom motors and the functions of these motors are adjustable by inverter (VSD) system.Applying Airfoil bearings caused the function of machine be independent of oil and be without vibration and ruining; therefore the parts lifetime are increased and the maintenance costs are minimized



Energy saving in Turbo Blower in comparison with the common Blower leads to -50% of the costs.The high technology of these Blowers leads the capital return during 2-3 years.



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