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Energy Saving by “VSD System”

Energy Saving by "VSD System"

Havasazan Tabriz achieved energy saving products by focusing on the knowledge and modern technologies that are reducing costs for the industrial units; finally we attempt to present a new rotation control system (inverter) that called “VSD” with especial application on our industrial compressors. This system can be installed in two methods on the manufactured “oil injected compressors”:

Integrated Installation on the electrical panel of compressor

Separated Installation on the Independent electrical panel

Cost Saving with energy saving:

For compressed air system, electrical costs allocate largest expenditures to itself. For example, the initial cost for purchasing a compressor with 100 HP (75 kW) is between 20-25 thousand dollars (depends on the compressors type and manufacturer); whereas, the annual electrical costs may be increase to 10 thousand dollars. Further more, maintaining costs may be 10% or more than 10% of initial purchasing cost annually.

Calculations show annual electrical expenses for 75 kW screw compressor which is working 12 hours daily, with 70% under load and 30% without loads, considering the minimum energy tariff can be takes 11 thousand dollars, but it can be saved economically by VSD energy saving system via its average efficiency (35%); the result is 3.7 thousand dollars saved for electrical costs.

Considering the minimum costs of energy and project costs containing maintenance, spare parts and overhaul, the return of investment in VSD system is less than 18 months.

VSD system can be installed in all TORNADO models (15-400 KW). Meanwhile, all spare parts, servicing and warranty are providing by Havasazan Tabriz.

Some advantages of VSD system:   


  1.  Energy saving up to 20-40%

  2.  Increasing the efficiency and lifelong of the machine due to its intelligent performance and reducing mechanical or electrical impacts.

  3. Decreasing maintaining service and space parts expenditures with preventing frequent “Loads” and “Unloads”.

  4. Changing the degree of flow or air pressure through changing the voltage and frequency of electromotor; As a result, saving energy and decreasing  any metal, copper, electromotor rotation and Air End wastes.

  5. No need to “pulley” for change or increase the pressure band.

  6.  Being safe against any overload, increase/decrease of voltage, over currency, phase shift, earth leakage fault, high-temperature and etc.

  7.  Ability to decrease compressor electrical current and utilization of electrical equipment (such as contactor, switch, fuse, cable and etc.) with the lowest potential.

  8. Decreasing any environmental pollutants in fluid flow handling process, alongside saving energy and economic consequences.

  9.  Preventing any electrical current leakage in the compressor equipment.

  10.  No need for any compensation capacitor (capacitor bank), due to the input capacitor of the VSD.

  11.  Preventing any mechanical damage such as couplings, gear-boxes and belts, due to “Soft Start” and variable rotation.

  12. Increasing considerably range of rotation changes rather than varied mechanical methods and preventing any mechanical tensions and vibrations.

  13. No need to contactor for changing electromotor rotational direction.

  14.  No need to main power for turning on/off the electromotor.

  15.  Automatically “off” during any overload and displaying “overload message” to the users.

  16.   No need to any extra maintenance rather than fixed-speed compressors.


Financial saving by standardization of installation site


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