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Town : Tabriz
Address : 10 Kilometers of Azarshahr-Tabriz Road, Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran
Phone : +98 (41) 32458830 – 5
Phone : +98 (41) 32459110 -3
Fax : Extention 204, 203


Town : Tehran
Address : No. 51, Thirty-second Alley, Saadatabad St.
Phone : +98 (21) 42986
Phone : +98 (21) 88584034-38
Fax : +98 (21) 88584034-38


Town : Qazvin
Address : Opposite of post office, western Mirdamad Blv., Alborz Industrial City
Phone : +98 (28) 32246898 – 9
Fax : +98 (28) 32246900


Town : Mashhad
Address : No. 131, 3rd Floor, No. 1 Block, Sepehr Complex, Between 58 & 60 Azadi St. Asiae Highway (Sento Road)
Phone : +98 (51) 36670693 – 36670823
Phone : 36670823 – 36670693 051 (+98)
Fax : +98 (51) 36670693


Town : Isfahan
Address : 2nd Floor, Raha Building, Opposite of Ghalamestan Park, Emam Khomeini Ave.
Phone : +98 (31) 33344438 – 33873132
Fax : +98 (31) 33344437


Town : Ahvaz
Address : No. 11, 4th Floor, Shams Complex, Airport Sq., Pasdaran Blv.
Phone : +98 613 443 3258


Town : Kish


About Havasazan Tabriz

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Havasazan Tabriz, founded in 1995, is a manufacturer of rotary air compressors and related equipments. Decades of manufacturing high quality and state-of-the-art products besides on- the- spot after-sale services led HAVASAZAN TABRIZ CO. to continue always on the top.

To be the leader of this industry, Havasazan Tabriz at the heart of its success continuously go on improving products and after-sale services’ quality with focusing on innovation, global standards and modern technologies in designing, manufacturing, checking up and repairing.


Safety, Energy Saving, Consulting Services and Reliable Solutions for all kinds of industries make Havasazan Tabriz the efficient compressor manufacturer which is assisting industries achieving their goals.

From compressed air systems and equipments to after-sale services there are the deepest knowledge, expertise and experience to provide the best solution to meet your needs.

Following our strategies and meeting the worldwide standards and qualities caused Havasazan Tabriz Co. compressors start up in the Regional and Middle East countries, Northern neighbors of Caspian Sea, Africa and Europe.

هواسازان تبریز

Havasazan Tabriz Co. Activities:

Designer and manufacturer of: Industrial screw air compressors and equipments

Agent of MIKROPOR Co. for the equipments of compressed air

supply of IHI centrifugal Compressors( Turbo)

Havasazan Tabriz Products:

Oil-Inject Screw Air Compressors from 2 m³/min till 70 m³/min

Air tanks

Refrigerated and Absorbed Dryers


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Tehran international industry exhibition 2017


High Pressure Oil Free Compressors

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PSA Nitrogen generators:

Pressure swing adsorption.

In the PSA process, compressed air first passes through a combination of filters to remove entrained oil and water. The purified air is then directed to one of two adsorption vessels that are packed with carbon molecular sieves (CMS). The remaining impurities, such as carbon dioxide and residual moisture, are adsorbed by the CMS at the entrance of the adsorbent bed. At high pressure, the CMS selectively adsorbs oxygen, allowing nitrogen to pass through at the desired purity level. While one vessel is producing nitrogen, the second vessel is depressurized to remove the adsorbed oxygen, which is then vented to the atmosphere. The automatic cycling of adsorption and desorption between the two beds enables the continuous production of nitrogen.

A large range of flow and purity combinations can be met by adjusting the size of the air compressor and adsorption vessels containing the CMS. PSAs can economically produce nitrogen gas at flowrates from less than 5,000 scfh to greater than 60,000 scfh, and at purities ranging from 95% to 99.9995%.





Turbo Blower

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Blowers are industrial machines which are applying to manufacture high flow air volume with minimum 2 bars pressure for industrial usages.There are different kinds of Blower which are categorized regarding air flow and pressure.These days Turbo Blowers, as new generation of Blowers, which are highly noticed by industries as water and drain refineries, food industries, petrochemical and 

In Turbo blowers as Turbo compressors the main part is Impeller which benefits of high technology.The main motive of Blower motor is permanent magnetic motor. The efficiency of these motors in high speed is more than other custom motors and the functions of these motors are adjustable by inverter (VSD) system.Applying Airfoil bearings caused the function of machine be independent of oil and be without vibration and ruining; therefore the parts lifetime are increased and the maintenance costs are minimized




Energy saving in Turbo Blower in comparison with the common Blower leads to -50% of the costs.The high technology of these Blowers leads the capital return during 2-3 years.