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About Havasazan Tabriz

Havasazan Tabriz, founded in 1995, is a manufacturer of rotary air compressors and related equipments. Decades of manufacturing high quality and state-of-the-art products besides on- the- spot after-sale services led HAVASAZAN TABRIZ CO. to continue always on the top.

To be the leader of this industry, Havasazan Tabriz at the heart of its success continuously go on improving products and after-sale services’ quality with focusing on innovation, global standards and modern technologies in designing, manufacturing, checking up and repairing.


Safety, Energy Saving, Consulting Services and Reliable Solutions for all kinds of industries make Havasazan Tabriz the efficient compressor manufacturer which is assisting industries achieving their goals.

From compressed air systems and equipments to after-sale services there are the deepest knowledge, expertise and experience to provide the best solution to meet your needs.

Following our strategies and meeting the worldwide standards and qualities caused Havasazan Tabriz Co. compressors start up in the Regional and Middle East countries, Northern neighbors of Caspian Sea, Africa and Europe.

هواسازان تبریز

Havasazan Tabriz Co. Activities:

Designer and manufacturer of: Industrial screw air compressors and equipments

Agent of MIKROPOR Co. for the equipments of compressed air

supply of IHI centrifugal Compressors( Turbo)

Havasazan Tabriz Products:

Oil-Inject Screw Air Compressors from 2 m³/min till 70 m³/min

Air tanks

Refrigerated and Absorbed Dryers

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