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MDVS LINE (10000-25000 LTMIN – 350-900 CFM) – DIESEL

These kind of portable compressors have emission and noise compliant units, for bigger job sites. Attractively designed, low life cycle cost.


Mining, Drilling, Oil & Gas


1. Wide range of pressures, with possibility of Dual Pressure

2. Ergonomic, durable machines

3. Lowest acoustic pressure levels as indicated in current legislation provisions

4. Emissions according to the latest parameters

5. Liquid cooling system for engine, more silent and less pollutant.

6. Progressive acceleration of engine with respect to demanded air, permitting lower fuel consumption

7. Accessibility for maintenance

8. “Intelligent System”  enables a pre-heating of the engine without overloading it, the airend will start working only when the perfect conditions are reached. Same while turning off the machine after a depressurisation phase of the hydraulic circuit. No hammering of the airend due to its inertial movement, but a gradual turn-off.

9. “No Key” control panel, one button to start the machine.

10. Anti-repetitiveness system on the engine start. Avoids stating motor anomalies.

11. Centralized control panel for easy monitoring

12. Skid, axles of different types, with or without brakes, lights to be fit for road circulation under severe homologation parameters.

13. Low life-cycle cost

14. Manufactured in compliance with applicable international standards (CE, ASME, DOSH)

این وب سایت از کوکی ها برای بهبود تجربه وب شما استفاده می کند.